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From: Kristen Joy

Re: How your creativity will make you a happier, healthier and more productive person (and a better problem solver, too)!
Hello Creative Ninjas!

 • Do you think there’s more to life than you’re getting? 
 • Do you want to take control of your life?
 • Have you been told you have too many ideas? 
 • Are you stuck with ten ideas started but few finished? 
 • Or maybe you are afraid the ideas you do have won't really "pay off?” 

I'm sure you've heard that writers, and other creatively focused folks, don't ever really make money, right? It's simply not true... when you know how to get UNStuck!

It might surprise you to learn that the true power of creativity, when harnessed and used well, is what keeps the successful author unstuck and productive.
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"Unleash Your Creativity: The Workshop"
In This Hands-On Workshop You'll Discover...
Your CORE Passion
Engage your creative and logic brain centers to give you a solid, firm direction so all your projects line up with the core of who you are and your unique mission.
How to Enhance Your Thinking
Step-by-step how to enhance your thinking, so your thoughts empower you to success with your projects rather than weigh you down.
The Power of PLAY
The power of PLAY… and how to easily include it in your daily routine.
How to Never Run Out of Time
Complete a hands-on activity to help you manage your time in a way that works for how YOU are creatively wired. 

No more wondering how you’ll get everything done or pushing important to-dos to the back burner!
25 Weird & Unusual Creativity Hacks
Over 25 unusual ways to get your creative juices flowing again… and write that next best-seller
How to Dream (Really) BIG and Get Results
How to dream big… and act small, so your really big dreams become reachable.
My "Supercharge Your Creativity" Strategy 
Look, I get stuck just like you do. But I don't stay stuck. The number one strategy I personally use to supercharge my own creativity.
What if 2 hours of your day could radically change your life? I mean, completely transform it into the totally what-you’ve-always-wanted kind of life you’ve yearned for...

In our "Unleash Your Creativity Workshop" you’ll learn how to identify and achieve your own goals and discover practical steps to accomplishing these in the midst of a busy lifestyle.

It's time to get from where you are to where you want to be.
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21 Ways to be a Kid Again by Kristen Joy

ARE YOU READY TO HAVE PURE UNADULTERATED FUN? This book is your expert guide to tap into the innovative, creative childlike part of you that as an adult seems hard to reach. Inside these pages, discover how to make everyday chores fun and an activity to look forward to doing, the secret to exercising without boredom, how to make your analytical left brain shut up and give your right brain a chance to create, a precise formula for successful brainstorming that will help you solve any problem, and tons more!

The PDF e-book version of this book is YOURS FREE!
Bonus #2: Unleash Your Creativity Quick Start
This is exclusive training from Kristen’s $997/year My Book Mastermind program.

While the primary workshop training is more hands-on, in this instant-access bonus training you’ll learn the differences between ideas, creativity and innovation, as well as OVER 20 MORE specific ways to supercharge your creativity any time you’re stuck! 

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Bonus #3: “Creative Mindstorms” by Tony Laidig
Ever wonder how to get your ideas to come to fruition? 

This training taught by renowned creativity expert Tony Laidig takes a hard look at your ideas, their proper timing, and how to create an environment where they will grow and flourish. 
Bonus #4: Kristen's Personal Creativity Resource List
"How can I think like you Kristen?" is a question I've heard more than once, in a variety of different words. I'm finally answering that question with 15 of my most powerful and favorite resources.

Use these recommended resources for you to continue growing, enhancing, and enjoying your creativity!
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